Lorinser's Stealthily Tuned 2010 Mercedes E-Class Sedan

Finally, a tuning proposal that our taste buds can relate to - the new Lorinser-prepped 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan. The German tuning firm has taken well care of the new E-Class sedan's body and engine with a series of modifications that include the sharp looking bodykit that consists of new bumpers, side skirts, a new front grille, discreet boot lid and roof spoilers, dark headlamp covers and a pair of fender "gills". The cars looks are rounded off with a set of five-spoke alloy wheels.

For now, Lorinser has turned its focus on the E500 which gets a power kit that increases the 5.5-liter V8 engine's output from 388HP to 435HP while maximum torque has been raised from 530Nm to 570Nm. The Lorinser E500 also does away with the electronic speed limiter allowing the German premium sedan to reach a top speed of 280km/h or 174MPH.

Other mechanical upgrades include a new lowered sports suspension that promises to further improve the E500 sedan's handling.