Fiat Denies Reports that it has come to an Agreement with Chrysler Unions

The Fiat Group has just issued a statement through the company's official spokeperson rejecting a report from the Italian news agency ANSA claiming that American and Canadian car unions had approved a deal between Chrysler and Fiat. The news agency based its report on statements made by FIM-CISL Italian union leader, Bruno Vitali who told ANSA that the deal was ''90% ready'' and might even be announced by Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne later Wednesday. Fiat said that no agreement has been concluded by the two parties and that the talks remain "completely open".

Statement from Fiat spokesperson

"We were surprised by the statement released to ANSA today by the FIM-CISL representative for the automotive sector, Bruno Vitali, in relation to the current negotiations with Chrysler.

No agreement has been concluded between Chrysler and trade unions in the US and Canada and the assertion that the overall agreement has been 90% defined is untrue.

The talks remain completely open and it is not currently possible to predict the timing or the outcome."

Link: ANSA