Rumorville: Toyota Readying Sporty Prius GT?

According to the Japanese grapevine, Toyota is developing a sporty, or rather a sportier, version of the new 2010 Prius Hybrid that will initially be available in the Land of the Rising Sun beginning from next year. Provided that the information is true, it remains to be seen if the so-called Prius GT will feature any mechanical and electronic upgrades or if Toyota will be content with a bodykit and maybe a lowered sport suspension as seen in the computer generated image above that was created by the folks over at Japan's Best Car magazine.

The CGI depicts the Toyota Prius GT with a more aggressively designed front bumper that features larger air vents and a lip spoiler along with side skirts and a set of multispoke alloy wheels wrapped in chunkier, low profile tires.

Via: Best Car

2010 Toyota Prius GT