Cool Audi Concept Studies from Munich University Students

Audi is looking into the future through the eyes of talented young students from the Munich University of Applied Sciences who took part in a project called "Intelligent Emotion" that was sponsored by the Ingolstadt carmaker. The results are eleven future-oriented concept studies that range from a hybrid supercar to an alternative concept for lightweight design of interiors. The common objective of all the design studies was to present Audi as a sporty premium brand as well as a pioneer in technology and design.

"The next generation of employees is our future," explained Wolfgang Egger, Head of Audi Group Design. "That's why sponsoring design students is one of our high priorities. The results are impressive. The students have addressed the subject of mobility in the future with very well-conceived and lucidly presented approaches. Each concept, each model, contains at least one idea or feature that we could certainly conceive of as being included in a future production vehicle," said Egger.

The Ingolstadt automaker released sketches and details on five out of the eleven design projects that you can check out below. For those that would like to learn more, the project results have been published as a book titled Audi Design Projekt which is available at booksellers in Europe for €29.90.

Interior Concept Study by Maximilian Kandler

Maximilian Kandler's concept study presents an ergonomic and esthetic re-interpretation of the vehicle interior. Kandler presupposes that future intelligent convenience and assistance mechanisms will allow the driver to pause temporarily as an active driver and to assume a relaxed, passive attitude. Thanks to its maximum flexibility, Kandler's interior concept offers the driver various active and passive modes – and consequently new possibilities of communication and relaxation. Innovative laser sintering technologies allow customized ergonomic construction – particularly in lightweight design, with the corresponding advances in the reduction of weight and fuel consumption.


Audi Sportscar Concept by Maximilian Mandl

Maximilian Mandl's work presupposes the introduction of a general speed limit. In his concept study Mandl shows how dynamics and driving pleasure can be conveyed even at lower speeds and with alternative drive systems. Mandl argues for congenial stylistic elements, embodying confident superiority. This junior designer lends a "human" radiance to his concept study, with inspiration also coming from nature and contemporary architecture. Viewing windows in the underfloor and large-area glazing of the side doors afford an intensive driving experience.


Audi Sportscar Study by Niels Steinhoff

Niels Steinhoff's concept study interprets sportiness as visual lightness. A new proportionality provides for expanded transparent surfaces – to provide a generous feeling of space in the light-flooded greenhouse and relaxed driving. Steinhoff's concept study achieves esthetic timelessness and environmental sustainability through its straightforward stylistic elements and sophisticated aerodynamics.


Audi Sports Sedan Concept by Sylvain Wehnert

Sylvain Wehnert's concept study offers a timely interpretation of dynamics and sportiness: Superior intelligence and confident efficiency govern the character of his sedan with the "cab forward design" typical of Audi. Particularly the design of the underfloor, with its smooth transitions to the front, sides and rear, conveys lightness and confidence: The body of the vehicle seems to lift itself off the ground and glide over the road.


Audi Sport Quattro Concept by Fabian Weinert

In his concept study Fabian Weinert pays homage to the legendary Audi Sport quattro: a compact, lightweight vehicle radiating sportiness, safety and sturdiness. Weinert seeks to combine alternative, emission-free drive technologies with new liberties in design. Developed for a full hybrid, the concept study presents us with a rectangular, sharp-edged object – a dynamic and aggressive exterior. Short overhangs, large wheels and the passenger compartment fit the car solidly to the road.