2010 Tokyo Auto Salon Overview and Mega Gallery with 140 High-Res Photos

What is without a doubt one of the top three tuning shows on the planet (along with SEMA in Las Vegas and the Essen Motor Show in Germany), Tokyo's annual Auto Salon is always home to a variety of vehicles ranging from old-skool kewl to what can only be described as high-speed haute couture, crafted by everyone from students to tuning shops to manufacturers.

This year, while the vehicles were far from ordinary, everything seemed a bit on the diminished side.

There was one less hall than last year, a fair number of repeat offenders (like RE-Amemiya's repainted Genki 7), and while rumors have it Smoky Nagata was lurking around, Top Secret didn't even bother showing up. Damn the economy.

Bottom line: this year was just as fun as last year, if not as mind-bogglingly massive. Oh, and speaking of offenders, one type of attendee from last year that definitely had an increased presence was the number of "special ticket"-wielding perverts out to get their upskirt videos and nip-slip pics. Ah, Japan. By Phil Alex

Tokyo Auto Salon Photos: Phil Alex with the help of friends Mike and Aaron

2010 Porsche Panamera - Carscoop

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