Tokyo 2010: Lexus IS F Circuit Club Sport Concept

Lexus' offerings for the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon included a lightweight concept version of the firm's performance-minded sports sedan. Dubbed IS F Circuit Club Sport or CCS for short, the prototype Lexus comes in an attention-grabbing bright orange finish and more carbon fiber than a NASA warehouse.

And we're talking about a lot of carbon fiber as the lightweight material is used for the newly designed hood, rooftop, rear wing, exterior mirrors, trunk, front spoiler lips, right down to the rear diffuser.

The same material is also found on the Lexus IS F's engine cover as well as in the interior on the door panels, center and lower console, steering wheel trim, and the transmission lever.

Unfortunately, Lexus did reveal the weight gains from the extensive use of carbon fiber parts on the sports car.

Other mods include the forged magnesium wheels and sport tires, high-performance carbon ceramic brakes, sport suspension, new exhaust system with a titanium sports muffler and the two-tone bucket seats inside.

Lexus said that the standard IS F's 5.0-liter V8 engine with 423HP (in JDM spec) has been left intact.

Photos by Phil Alex with the help of friends Mike and Aaron