Opel Releases New Photos of the 2010 Meriva Small MPV Including First Shots of the Interior

It won't be long before we see the new Opel Meriva with its rear suicide doors in the flesh as the 2010 Geneva Salon is just around the corner, but to keep consumer and media interest alike on the boil, Opel went ahead and released a new batch of photographs of the small MPV that include the first shots of the interior.

If you have ever sat in or even seen the cockpit of the new Opel Astra or the Insignia a.k.a. the 2011 Buick Regal in North America, then the Meriva's dashboard styling will look very familiar.

Being a model that is aimed at a somewhat younger crowd, the Meriva does get more trendy color options and upholstery patterns as well as some unique design cues like the styling of the air vents, but other than that, an Astra driver will feel right at home.

Aside from the rear doors that are hinged at the back opening to almost 90 degrees, the second generation of the Meriva also gets an improved Flexspace seating system that allows the rear seats to be mounted back independently to create more boot, leg or shoulder room, or folded down completely optimal cargo-carrying flexibility.

New for the Meriva is the so-called FlexRail lower center console concept between the seats that provides adaptable storage for a variety of everyday items from handbags and magazines to iPods, CDs and tissue boxes for both the front and rear passengers.

Other new features include the optional, full panorama sunroof that's almost two-meters long and the FlexFix bicycle carrier that slides in and out of the rear bumper like a drawer making

The new Meriva will be offered with a total of six turbocharged diesel and gasoline units with outputs ranging from 75 to 140 horsepower.