Subaru to Start Selling Cars in South Korea

Even though Kia and Hyundai are present in most countries around the world, you'll be surprised of the number of automakers that are absent from the South Korean market for one reason (import taxes) or another (legislation).

Subaru is one of them, but that's going to change soon as the Japanese automaker announced today that it is joining Toyota in South Korea's recovering market for imported cars. The company said that that sales of Subaru-brand vehicles will start from April in the country working through its local distributor, Subaru Korea Co., Ltd.

The automaker's range will initially comprise of the Legacy, Outback and Forester. Unfortunately for Subaru fans in South Korea, the Impreza series, and by that, we actually mean the WRX and STI, won't be offered.

Subaru's newly formed Korean division said that it has set an initial sales target of a mere 600 units in the first year but aims to increase that number to 3,000 units by 2015.

The company stated that it is the process of developing its own dealer network and is planning to open Subaru outlets first in Seoul and Pusan and then to other metropolitan areas in South Korea.