Designer Envisions 2017 Alfa Romeo Executive Fastback Sedan

So what if Alfa Romeo's long-awaited replacement for the departed 166 premium sedan has been put on hold for now (from what we've heard, same goes for the successors to the 159, Brera and Spider) while the Fiat Group revaluates the historic brand's future? It little matters to independent designers like Jacob Mcmurry who have the freedom to envision the future of any model they wish.

In this case, Mcmurry designed a futuristic-looking proposal for a range-topping Alfa Romeo in 2017 that is said to have been inspired by the Carnival of Venice - don't ask...

The designer claims that the 'pointy' Italian saloon with the weird boat tail end would be ideally equipped with a V8 diesel sending power to the rear wheels. More pics after the break.

Via: Yankodesign