Audi Claims New A1 will be the "First Fully-Fledged Premium Car in its Segment" [With Video]

Automakers usually make all sorts of claims about their new products, some of which are - or prove to be- true, and some of which are either false or exaggerated. Audi is no exception to the rule as the company has raised the bar high on its new A1 supermini that's due to have its world premiere at the Geneva Salon this March.

We'll have to wait a few months to see for ourselves what's true or not but for now, and aside from the brand's Head of Quality, Werner Zimmermann, claim that "the A1 will be the first fully-fledged premium automobile in its segment," (how many times have we heard that before?) here's what else Audi had to say about the A1's premium feel and quality:

"Evidence of the premium character of the A1 is found in every last detail in the interior – in the selection of the materials, in their processing and in the tight, even gaps. The surface of the instrument panel is softly backed with foam; all buttons and controls move precisely; even the pull handle that unlatches the hood release does so crisply and precisely."