2012 BMW F30 3-Series Spy Shots, Now With a Better View of the Interior

Here are some more spy shots of the upcoming next-gen BMW 3-Series with a closer look at the interior. Codenamed the F30, BMW is likely to play its next bread and butter 3-Series pretty safe with an evolutionary design. Even without looking at the pics, we all know it'll be the 3-Series version of the 5-Series.

As stated in our previous post (read here), power is likely to come from a series of inline-4 and -6 cylinder gasoline and diesel engines that'll see some boost from turbochargers. Also, with BMW downsizing and boost-raising, the next M3 could see either a turbo V8 or possibly even revert to a lighter but high-output 6-cylinder.

Inside, you'll see the newest bit: the car's center information stack is turned slightly toward the driver, harking back to the good old days of BMW. Also, this F30 seAlso, this F30 sedan is just the beginning. After it and the coupe/convertible debut, we could see a hybrid and even a GT variant joining the ranks. As soon as we got some spy pics of those two nasties, we'll let you know.

By Phil Alex