Fan-made Transformers Film from Russia is Simply Awesome [with Video]

Michael Bay, you need to be taking notes, because this fan-made Transformers short film is epically cool. Created by 21-year old Alexander Vladimirovich Semenov from Russia, the film doesn't use little white trash GM robots or the ridonkulous SR-71 pirate grandpa; instead, it stars a cool old VAZ 2106...I think...and some dinky little cell phone robots.

Oh and the main guy is someone who ends up driving the VAZ Decepticon. Really, who wouldn't want to drive a little 4-wheeled evil?

Instead of what boils down to plain stupid product placement like Jolt the Volt, how about we make this next Transformers a little more down to earth (as crazy as that sounds)?

I know sponsors are the ones writing your checks, but there comes a time when the movie needs to still be a Michael Bay summer blockbuster and not a two hour GM commercial. Check out the slick vid below.

By Phil Alex