Hot Hatch Smackdown Poll: Ford Focus ST vs Opel GTC

With both the Ford Focus ST and Opel GTC set to debut in Paris, the hot hatch world is astir. If you're in a "global" market and interested in going fast on the cheap, these are looking to be two serious contenders.

The big difference here is shaping to be extra output in a traditionally showy hot-hatch package, or a sleek and sophisticated ride with potentially less power. But first, a joke: what would a diesel Ford Focus ST be called? Think about it.

On to the point: it boils down to either a world-hot hatch from GM or Ford. To make it even simpler for the numbers-geeks, here are the basics (feel free to read all the deets in our previous Paris posts on the Focus ST and Opel GTC, you fiends): output is looking to be 250 horsepower for the ST and possibly well over the 250HP mark for the OPC version of the GTC (Opel has not yet released output numbers). Both show cars are equipped with 2.0-liter turbocharged fours.

While the ST is likely to appear in the States in one form (ST) or another (SVT), there's still no word on whether or not the GTC could appear here (Buick's mini-Lexus fighter, anyone?).

However, that's neither here nor there at the moment. The big question for our readers is this: would you be more interested in the boy-racer Ford ST or a more conservative (and possibly Buick in the States) Opel GTC? Vote your hearts out in the poll below.

Which hot hatch do you like more?


Opel GTC Paris Show Car


Ford Focus ST Paris Show Car