Electric Porsche 928 Sheds 400 Pounds and Three Gears to Make One Man Happy

Jeff McCabe owns a Porsche 928. However, he wanted an electric Porsche 928 in the vein of the Tesla Roadster that he can't afford. So here's what Jeff did: he removed "over 1,700 lbs" of dead weight by eliminating a bunch of useless stuff like the standard engine, transmission (actually just 1st, 4th, and 5th gears), and a bunch of electronics, pop-up headlights, and so on.

He also replaced the wheels and brakes with lighter units and made sure to ace that heavy glass. Once that 1,700 pounds was in the trash, he added 1,300 pounds in the form of 750 lithium iron-phosphate cells (he originally used lead acid batteries).

The result is a car that can go for 115+ miles before it needs a recharge (versus the ~45 from the lead acid units) and can hit 85 miles per hour (137km/h). Too bad it can't do 88. For some info straight from the owner of the car, check out the vid below. Anyone interested in providing him with a CVT?

By Phil Alex

Via: Autoblog Green