Audi Brand Promo: Nothing Sticks Like Quattro [with Video]

At the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in Canada, communications Company Lowe Roche has stuck hundreds of 1:43 scale Audi quattro models to metal surfaces as part of an ad campaign by Audi.

Fitted with strong magnets and stuck to lamp posts, newspaper boxes and the like, passers-by were encouraged to remove the die-cast models and take them home with them. On the underside of each model is a sticker that reads, "Nothing sticks like quattro."

The models include the Audi R8 coupe / convertible, Q5 SUV and TT.

"We wanted to give people a real demonstration of how great the [quattro all-wheel-drive] system is. It's also a great way to get the brand into the consumer's hand." said Geoffrey Roche, company founder and chairman of Low Roche when asked about the campaign.

Audi is also pushing its wares through magazine and newspaper ads, escalator wraps and online advertising through the festival, which is held annually each September.

By Tristan Hankins