Mystery Audi Sports Coupe Believed to be "Anniversario" Concept Study Celebrating the Original Ur Quattro

Remember the videos we brought last Saturday of a mystery Audi sports car filmed at a ski resort in the Alps? Well, the videos may have been hastily removed, but we have some news on the car. According to a report from Autobild, the car in question is a concept study called the "Anniversario" and it will make its world premiere at the grand opening of the Paris Motor Show on September 30.

While initial thoughts were that the car could be the R4, the German magazine claims it's a special study to celebrate the original, 1980s Ur-Quattro sports coupe adding that it is based on a shortened platform of the RS5. However, power will not come from the RS5's 450HP 4.2-liter V8, but from a five-cylinder turbo unit, most likely sourced from the TT RS.

We'll have to wait until the Paris show opens up before we get to find out more.

Source: Autobild

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