Fiat Explains Under-The-Radar Paris Appearance, will Debut New Models in Late 2011

Fiat has addressed a question at least a few people were asking this year in Paris, explaining its lack of significant presence at this year's Paris Motor Show. According to CEO Sergio Marchionne, Fiat has been building up steam, waiting to release new product until late next year in order to better balance the brand's many companies' funds.

"We have saved ammunition awaiting for the recovery," Sergio Marchionne told journalists on the sidelines of the Paris Auto Show. "New models will arrive at the end of 2011, early 2012. Launching new products in a market that is so structurally weak has no sense," Marchionne added.

Hopefully between now and then we'll at least get a few hints at what Fiat will offer in the form of some sexy new concepts.

Other than waiting for that to happen, expect the super-sized Italian automaker to be concentrating on the Chrysler/Lancia revamp as well as trying to acquaint people in the States with the 500 mini and, hopefully, a new type of Fiat.

Expect more news on Fiat's product plans as it becomes available.

By Phil Alex

Source: Reuters