Lamborghini's Geneva-bound Murcielago Successor Spied

Here are some spy pics of the Murcielago's lighter successor getting ready to do some track time at the Nürburgring. Whether or not it'll be called the Jota is yet to be properly established, but it won't be long before we find out as the new majority-composite Lambo flagship is pegged to make its world debut at next year's Geneva Salon.

Could the Murcielago/Jota seen here be powered by something other than a mid-mounted V12? Not likely. Instead, we should see direct injection involved to improve efficiency and create upwards of the Murcielago SV's 670 horsepower.

The front will maintain the edgy lines found on all the most recent Lamborghinis, while the rear will get wide, black mesh intakes and a wide-mouth center exhaust tip.

"Razorback" glass slats above the engine are possible, and for now the doors are still a mystery. While the V12 is guaranteed, there have been rumors that Lamborghini may kill the scissor doors for more conventional units. If they do, they had better form a bull's horns when opened like the Miura's units.

CEO Stephan Winkelmann knows Lamborghinis can occasionally be impulse buys, so keeping mum on future model info could hurt sales to those consumers who need to have the first of everything. In an interview with Car magazine earlier this year, Winkelmann said: "We never talk about the future. The point is, we sell emotions. If we talk about what might happen, they might wait. And that's not good."

By Phil Alex