Xenatec Officially Introduces Maybach 57S Coupe, Priced Close to $1 Million

Remember Xenatec, the German coachbuilders who took the overblown Maybach 57 S and massaged it into a svelte looking two door coupe? We now have some pictures of the production model, including a first look at the interior.

Just 100 units of the Xenatec Coupe will be built, with the high asking price of €675,000 (US$923,198) before taxes. And that's even before you add taxes or options. It was designed by Fredrik Burchhardt, who created Maybach's retro-modern Excelero concept back in 2005.

Though the drivetrain remains the same with the four-door Maybach, the bodywork has been significantly reworked. New doors and side panels have been crafted, along with a lowered roofline with more steeply raked front and rear glass. The fenders and bumpers are also new. Another change is the rear track, which has been extended by 20 mm.

The cars will be hand built in Weinsberg, Germany by Karosserie Manufaktur Weinsberg to individual customer specifications. Xenatec enlisted the expertise of armored limousine builders ThyssenKrupp Drauz Nothelfer during the design and engineering stages of the Coupe's development, and worked closely with Maybach also (who no doubt provide the base cars).

The personalization options for the Xenatec Coupe are described as "endless". Most of the options available on the 57 S will be available to Coupe customers, including the full length panoramic glass roof. 21-inch wheels are also available, replacing the standard 21-inchers.

The only question now is, "Will people buy it?" Considering how buyers have clamored over other specialist cars, such as the Ferrari SA Aperta, the answer can only be, "Yes".

By Tristan Hankins