New Fiesta to Take Center Stage at Ford's SEMA Show Booth with 350HP Turbo Concept and Tuner Project Cars

Hot on the heels of the Euro-designed subcompact's U.S. market launch, Ford is planning to bring a gaggle of tuner Fiestas to this year's edition of the SEMA Show, which takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the first week of November.

"SEMA represents a special opportunity, because we can show off unique designs that other companies have created," said Sam De La Garza, Fiesta brand manager. "It's not just Ford coming to the table. It's other companies interpreting what Fiesta is, and bringing their own style to the Fiesta launch."

Aside from the independent tuner project vehicles that you can read more about below, Ford's in-house Racing Performance Parts division will display a concept Fiesta fitted with a production-based 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbocharged engine, enlarged to 2.3 liters to pump out 350 horsepower.

"The goal of our 350-horsepower Fiesta is really twofold – first to reinforce Fiesta's fun-to-drive nature with an extreme version that captures the attention of the influential enthusiast, and second, to introduce the Ford Racing/EcoBoost connection in a way that's unexpected and outrageous," said Mickey Matus, Ford Racing Performance group marketing manager.

The sported-up Fiesta will also get Brembo brakes, Ohlins dual-flow valve dampers, a short-throw shifter, a Ford Racing exhaust system, and 17-inch cast-aluminum alloy wheels.

Ford said the concept model, which will hit the show floor in a blue color, will be painted by an as of yet unnamed artist during the show with the intention of auctioning the car in the near future to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF).


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2011 Ford Fiesta by Ford Vehicle Personalization

The Ford Vehicle Personalization Fiesta uses green accent colors on the wheels and grille to set off the unique car, which is equipped with a four-piece body kit. A new interior package debuts, featuring white-and-black seating surfaces, door trim inserts, steering wheel and interior components. It also comes with a newly developed side graphic – an evolution of the tattoo graphic that is currently available.

2011 Ford Fiesta by Universal Technical Institute

This unique Fiesta from Universal Technical Institute offers a custom DuPont paint job and an Air Lift full digital suspension. A custom roll cage and Status racing seats make it track-ready, while Baer brakes and 18-inch wheels and tires provide upgraded performance.

2011 Ford Fiesta by 3dCarbon

3dCarbon's Euro Series Fiesta makes a bold statement with race-inspired styling, which includes 3dCarbon racing stripes, window films and rear roof spoiler. A four-piece body kit consists of an aggressively sculpted front air dam, aerodynamic side skirts and a rear lower skirt accented with black trim.

2011 Ford Fiesta by L&G Enterprises

L&G Enterprises has created the digital Fiesta, which shows off circuit board-inspired graphics on the exterior. Complete with a lowered and more aggressive stance, the Fiesta also has a new exhaust and air intake. Inside are carbon fiber accents, highlighting a sleek black interior with integrated iPad command center.

2011 Ford Fiesta by H&R Springs

This Fiesta by H&R Springs makes a style statement and demonstrates the versatility of Fiesta with several interior and exterior modifications. A color-matched body kit and large rear wing, along with European hood vents offer style and functional benefits. A graphics wrap around the car shows off a high-tech look, playing on the nature of Fiesta.

2011 Ford Fiesta by Steeda Autosports

Steeda Autosports is putting a Fiesta on display that has serious handling and performance upgrades for enthusiasts. A short-throw shifter and cold air intake developed by Steeda up the performance level. Additionally, tuned front and rear lowering sport springs, retuned dampers, antiroll bars and a front strut tower brace provide what enthusiasts are looking for in a high-performance car.

2011 Ford Fiesta by FSWerks

FSWerks is showing its appreciation for the all-new Fiesta with a complete line of high-performance parts. Features on the SEMA vehicle include FSWerks-developed cool flow air intake system and race exhaust, along with stress bars. Other modifications include a body kit, Continental ExtremeContact™ DW tires and Aristo Noble two-piece wheels.