Galatea's Hyundai Tiburon / Coupe brings Italy and Korea together, Results Questionable

"Long live the GK Tiburon!" has got to be the rallying cry of Galatea Automobiles, the company that's responsible for the creation of the Revision. Beneath the newly styled body - they're calling it a "kit car" - is a typical, everyday, underpowered second-gen Hyundai Tiburon coupe with leather, a V6 powerplant, and a sunroof.

The Revision is Galatea's masterpiece, showcasing its achievement of "designing a car that is both exclusive and beautiful, without the associated expenses of owning an exotic car."

The Revision was penned by Robert Fechtmann with the intent of emulating Italian style for a steal: $5,180. For the five g's, owners will get the new lights, hood, fenders, bumpers, and installation guide.All told, it should cost around $16,000 to build; in my opinion, that's about $16,000 too much to invest in an old Hyundai.

Regarding the car's hit-and-miss looks, Galatea says, "[The Revision] is more likely to be mistaken as an elegant and expensive factory car instead of being recognized as an inexpensive modified car."

So, how do we vote: fugly Hyundai or bottom-dollar exotic?

By Phil Alex

Link: Galatea