General Motors's Opel to take on Fiat and its 500 with New Mini Car

Last month, we told you that General Motors' European Opel / Vauxhall division announced the development of a new small car below the Corsa. Now, Autonews is reporting the car, which is codenamed "Junior", will be a funky upscale proposal designed to compete with Fiat's 500 mini in one of the smallest - literally - segments of them all.

Opel/Vauxhall's sales and marketing head Alain Visser hinted that the car will be an "iPod on wheels" and aimed squarely at young consumers with their high-tech needs. The "Junior", which begins production in Germany in 2013, will also be offered in an electric flavor.

Opel CEO Nick Reilly says. "It will have the latest infotainment systems and good fuel economy to make it environmentally friendly. For that, buyers will pay a little more."

In addition to being willing to pay more,potential buyers will be green, cool, and all the other bla-bla everyone's pushing these days. Regardless of the marketing gibberish, Opel's recent offerings have been attractive enough to indicate a promising 500-fighter.

By Phil Alex

Source: Autonews

Note: All photos are of the 2004 Opel Trixx Concept Model and NOT of the new mini GM is readying