2012 Honda Civic Concepts: Videos and Live Photos from the Detroit Motor Show

The Civic Sedan and Civic Si Coupe concepts are the stars of Honda's Detroit Auto Show stand. The two concept models are essentially pre-production studies of the actual ninth-generation Civic that will be introduced to the North American market this Spring. Bear in mind that the Detroit show Civics do not preview the upcoming three- and five-door hatchback models for the European market.

On the outside, Honda's designers opted for a more evolutionary styling rather than a radical step in design, blending the current model's shape with styling details from some of the firm's latest models such as the CR-Z hybrid and the North American Accord.

The two concept models do not appear to feature an interior or a powertrain. However, Honda said that the 2012 Civic range will continue to include a sporty "Si" performance version, as well as hybrid and natural-gas variants. If you follow the jump, you can check out our live gallery of photos and HD videos of the two cars from the Detroit Show.