eBay Find: Luigi Colani’s 1970 Lamborghini Miura Le Mans Concept Car

Unveiled in 1970, the Lamborghini Miura Le Mans was an out-of-this-world concept car, envisioned by legendary Italian designer, Luigi Colani. According to Colani’s website, the design study was a “two-part hybrid car”, with a Miura chassis rear section and front passenger cabin designed “like the cockpit of a glider”.

It was used as a show car for about four years, when it suddenly went under the radar, only to be discovered 30+ years later by Bad Influence Hot Rods (BIHR), at an estate auction in Indiana. The new owner put it up for sale last October for $79,000, but the reserve wasn’t met. Now it re-surfaced on eBay for a starting bid of $74,999.

Unfortunately, the Miura Le Mans hasn’t aged very well, as the canopy is broken into several pieces and the engine is gone. However, many parts are still there, including the rear and front suspension, golden rear alloys with blue knockoffs, double nose wheels, brakes, calipers and steering.

While BIHR says that this should be an easy car to restore, we’re not that convinced, but whoever decides to pick it up for this kind of money might as well go all the way. Otherwise, it could make for an interesting coffee table…

By Csaba Daradics

Link: eBay