Honda Recalling 2010MY Accord and CR-V Models in the States for Engine Stalling Problems

Honda has issued a new recall for certain 4-cylinder Accords and CR-Vs from the 2010 model year to check a potential failure with the engine wiring harness connector, as it may cause intermittent spark firing or the engine to stall.

"The wire harness coupler could have been damaged during vehicle assembly, which can lead to engine stalling over time," the Japanese automaker said in a statement, adding that it identified this problem through warranty repairs, and that no related accidents or injuries have been reported to date.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the recall affects 2,277 vehicles in the States.

Under the recall, the firm's dealers will inspect and replace the ignition wiring harness connector free of charge. Notification to customers is expected to begin in early February, 2011.