New Rumors Surface about 4-Cylinder Turbocharged BMW Engine, this time for Z4 Roadster

Last time we reported about BMW's long-rumored family of turbocharged 4-cylinder engines, it was in the summer of 2010. Meanwhile, the German manufacturer hasn't revealed anything on the matter, giving the whole affair an almost mythical status.

However, a new rumor has surfaced, with Automobile Magazine tweeting that the entry level BMW Z4 will soon get a new, 4-cylinder force inducted engine, as a replacement for the naturally aspirated inline-six.

The exact tweet was “BMW new 4-cyl coming this year in Z4 roadster. Replaces nat asp 6, so at least 200 hp” and, seeing that average fuel consumption regulations and emissions standards are getting stricter by the day, it sounds like a logical move for BMW.

The Bavarian company sure knows how to build a fine turbocharged engine and there are many models in its line-up that could benefit from a more frugal, and equally if not more powerful four-pots. The 1-Series and 3-Series are just two that come to mind right, although we’re pretty sure that X3 owners wouldn’t mind better fuel economy as well.

Clearly, the question here is not “why”, but rather “when”, and at the rate things are going, we’d say let's meet up again this summer and we’ll hopefully have some more official info for you.

By Csaba Daradics

Source: Automobile via Bimmerpost