ItalDesign’s Nazca Reborn in Sabino Leerentveld Homage

Ever since the demise of BMW’s M1 in 1981, designers and illustrators alike have speculated on the look of a possible successor to the Bavarian automaker’s only mass produced, mid-engined vehicle. Some – like industry stalwart ItalDesign – have gone so far to build full scale, drivable mock-ups.

One such speculative mock-up was ItalDesign’s Nazca M12 of 1991 featuring a mid-mounted V12 and BMW’s ubiquitous rear wheel drive. The Italian design house also presented a race-spec version of the car called the Nazca C2 at the 1992 Tokyo Motor Show, followed by a Spyder model in 1993.

Now, twenty years later, Dutch designer Sabino Leerentveld has resurrected the Nazca C2 in the form of this rather slick homage.

With its sculpted aerodynamic flanks, EfficientDynamics-inspired nose and pillars cleverly secreted behind its massive glasshouse, Leerentveld’s Nazca homage is quite a wonder to behold. In fact, one could also most say it's more production ready than ItalDesign’s 2008 concept. And, dare I say it, slightly less fussy in the styling department.

As always, you shouldn’t take my word for it. Check out our gallery below and deliver your verdict in the comments.

By Tristan Hankins

Source: Sabino Leerentveld



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