VIDEO: New Aston Martin Rapide Promo Films [Part 1]

As part of its first foray into the digital campaign medium, Aston Martin will release three new promotional videos, featuring the breathtaking Rapide four-door coupe. Filmed in Lisbon, Portugal, the video follows a group of “agents” commissioned by a mysterious person to deliver a precious package, without opening it. A very Ronin-ish plot, we know.

The introductory part is available after the jump, while the second and third clips will follow on January 19 and 26, respectively.

“We wanted to deliver a subtle but clever piece of branded entertainment. Something that mirrors the thrill of the drive. Intelligent, dramatic yet very exciting. It's an action-packed Aston Martin story in three parts, designed to entertain our audience. We're not hard selling, we're showcasing. After all it is the thinking man's (and woman's) performance car”, Film Director Donnie Masters from Serious Pictures said.

By Csaba Daradics