2009 Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Magazines leak primary info & pics

Theres only a few hours left before the official world presentation of the new C-Class, which will be attended by some 600 journalists from around the world (7:00 to 7:40pm CET) but that doesn’t mean that there’s no time for a mini-embargo breach as our pals over at Autoblog.it prove. These scanned pictures came from the Italian car magazine Automobilismo which is available as from this morning.

Apart from the scanned images our Italian friends reveal the initial facts of the 2009 C-Class which has grown in dimensions (+55 mm in length, +42 mm in width, +45 mm in height) and now looks more like a “mini-me” version of the S-Class than of the E-Class like its predecessor. According to the article, the new C-Class gets an upgraded 4cylinder engine range (petrol & diesel) while its V6 range is unchanged. We’ll have more on the 2009 C-Class after the press conference which starts at 7:00 CET. Via: Autoblog.it

  • Engine Range
  • C180K 156Hp (up from 143Hp)
  • C200K 184Hp (up from 163Hp)
  • C230 V6 204Hp
  • C280 V6 231Hp
  • C350 V6 272Hp
  • C200 CDI 136Hp (up from 122Hp)
  • C220 CDI 170Hp (up from 150Hp)
  • C320 CDI 224Hp

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