Eminem’s 1999 Ford Mustang up for sale on E-bay

What goes around comes around as Eminem’s 1999 Ford Mustang, which he sold in 2003 over at e-bay to multimillion-dollar heir Courtney Wittenberns, is up for sale again, where else, but e-bay. The funny thing is that Courtney Wittenberns had to wait until 2006 when she'll actually be old enough to drive Eminem’s Mustang. Talk about wasted money…

Anyway, according to the site www.eminemscar.com (….), the featured Mustang was Eminem's first automobile purchase after the release of his first album. Marshal Mathers (Eminem) then changed the colour of the car from its original red to a deep purple and added a new set of chrome wheels for the "Purple Pills" video, which was later renamed to "Purple Hills". The starting price at e-bay for this “historical” Mustang is 27.000 USD. Via: Motorpasion & e-bay

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