Beck LM 800: Swiss supercar with a 650Hp 4.2 V8 Audi motor

Yep, it’s another “supercar” by an unknown maker from a country that’s not exactly renowned in car manufacturing. I don’t know how but we kind of missed its debut at the Vienna Luxury Show a few days ago. The LM 800 is the work of Berne Beck Engineering & Composits GmbH from Muri near Berne in Switzerland.

So what’s so special about the LM 800? For starters, it uses race technology as the basic construction of the car is similar to a Formula 1 car with a central monocoque made of composite materials that protect the driver and provide the necessary rigidity. Fixed to this are the engine and gearbox support, as well as the front transverse control arms of the chassis.

Then there’s the engine which is a 4.2-litre V8 derived from Audi. With the help of a turbo-charger that has been specially produced for the Beck LM 800 the 4.2 produces 650Hp. Power is driven to the rear wheels via a semi-sequential, 7-speed gearbox. Gear changing takes place either with a conventional gearstick or using a rocker switch on the steering wheel.

And even though Beck hasn’t announced any performance figures yet, they where hasty enough to come up with a starting price tag of…600.000 USD or 465.000 EUR! In my book that’s enough money to send me in record time to a Ferrari or Lamborghini dealer! Via: Jalopnik

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