Holy smoke Batman! Original 60’s Batmobile goes up for sale in the UK next Month

I can remember as if it was yesterday; I’d grab a chocolate fudge ice-cream and a "Big M" with a straw larger than my arm, sit down on the sofa and watch Batman and his fellow cape crusader Robin bursting from the Batcave with their wicked bad Batmobile to capture all those funny-looking crime doers in Gotham city. Even though I saw the original Batman TV series in the 80‘s, in my eyes the Batmobile was “THE” car. And to be honest, it still is. (Continued -click read more)

However, I think that’s enough with my childhood memories. So what’s up with this Batmobile auction? Well, first of all this is one of the original Batmobiles that were created by the master of custom cars, George Barris for the 60’s TV Series. According to THE SUN (British newspaper), this specific Batmobile will go on sale on by Coys Auctions on the 27th of February at the Royal Horticultural Hall in London. Coys expects that the car is likely to fetch more than 75.000 BP, which is about 148.000 USD or 115.000 EUROS. Would I buy it if I could? You bet your life I would. But since I can’t, I’ll guess I’ll have to do with my classic Corgi’s -for now that is. Via: The Sun

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