Tokyo Auto Salon: Mugen Honda Jazz/Fit, Civic & S2000 Concepts

Even though the show lasts for a couple of days only, those Tokyo boyz are rolling off concepts faster than a DSG transmission changes gears! On its part Honda specialist Mugen revealed spiced up versions of the Jazz/Fit, Civic Sedan and the S2000 Roadster.

As with the majority of the Tokyo presentations, information concerning the cars is more limited than our knowledge of black holes so once again we’ll have to be consent with any images we’ve got on our hands -for now that is. Undoubtedly Mugen’s most impressive show car is the “Open-Top Sports Concept” or to make its simple a barchetta version of the S2000 with an eye-catching bodykit that we’d just love to take it for a drift –wouldn’t you?

Albeit less impressive, the other two Mugen concepts are the “Road to Racing Concept” which is based on the Civic Sedan featuring a bodykit reminiscent of the 4door Type-R (although that looked much cooler thanks to its polar white colour) & the “Fit Spec-D” which well, is a supped-up Fit (Jazz).

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