Chevrolet Camaro "RIP"...

In a couple of years, thousands will be lining up in Chevy dealers getting ready to place a down payment for the all new Camaro. Many will do it to re-live their adolescence without spending time or money in restoring, others just to make a quick buck by reselling the first pieces on e-bay and hopefully, many by the car itself. Same goes for the Dodge Challenger. But what about the cars that actually inspired this retro muscle-craze, what did fate behold for them?

Well, some lucky ones found a home in your everyday garage where they’ll spend the rest of their life “married” to passionate everyday folks who’ll cherish them and treat them with an occasional spin. Others, less fortunate spend most of their time between “rest-homes” and auction halls. Even worse though, some like the Camaros shown in the pictures are cursed to stay still in graveyards abandoned to the harsh hands of nature till rust takes all….

Super Chevy mag stumbled upon this car graveyard filled with first & second-generation Chevrolet Camaro located somewhere in Southern California. Don’t tell me that seeing these Camaros doesn’t burn a few heart valves. Via: Motorpassion & Super Chevy

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