Arden Releases New Supercharger Kit for Range Rover SC Models

For those that want to give a bit more oomph to their pre-facelift Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models with 4.2-liter supercharged V8 engines, Arden has developed a new performance kit that will give an extra 80HP for an overall output of 470HP. The German tuner's kit includes a new supercharger, special programmed ECU, Arden Air Intake Ducts and a new exhaust with sport catalytic converters. Sounds nice but there's a 'small' catch; the price of the complete kit excluding taxes and installation has been set at €19,500 or around $26,000.

If we were you, we'd do the math and see if it's actually worth it -especially if you have a relatively new model- as the facelifted versions of both the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport with 510HP supercharged V8s are just around the corner.

Arden Supercharger V8 - Auto Cars 2011