Teen Allegedly Crashes Audi S4 at 155mph, Police Supposedly Find Video Evidence on Youtube

According to a report from 'Channel 3000', a Middleton High School teenager driving an Audi S4 was involved in an accident that occurred earlier this month on a highway south of Verona. While there's nothing surprising about that, here's where the story gets interesting. It is reported that before the crash, the youngster was going 155mph or 250km/h and that one of the passengers recorded his 'accomplishments' on video which he then uploaded on Youtube.

The report goes on to say that the video was discovered by the police and that the authorities are "consulting with the district attorney about additional charges - possibly reckless endangerment because passengers were in the vehicle."

Truth is, we're kind of cautious about the details. For one, it is said that no one was injured during the crash - something that we find extremely hard to believe if the accident happened at a speed even remotely close to 155mph.

Furthermore, the video on Youtube shown here is not the original, it was uploaded by another user claiming that the original had been removed. We also checked the press releases from Dane County Sheriff's department and the Dane County Government, but didn't find anything on the specific crash/incident. We're not saying it didn't happen this way, but we'd like to see something more official before we make any conclusions.

Source: Channel3000 , Via: Jalopnik