Renault Official Confirms Twingo-Based Convertible for 2010

French automaker Renault has officially confirmed through its deputy vice president of small vehicle models, Yves-Eric Morel, that the company is readying a new cabriolet model based on the Twingo minicar that could be unveiled as early as the Frankfurt Auto Show in September with sales starting sometime during the first half of 2010. Unlike the conventional Fiat 500 and MINI droptops, the French automaker's cabrio be much more than just a Twingo without a rooftop as Renault's goal is to create a 'niche' model that will stand out from the crowd.

"We are working on a small convertible for 2010," Renault's deputy vice president of the small-car segment Yves-Eric Morel told Auto News Europe during a press event in Europe. "It's going to be a niche vehicle, and like any niche vehicle, the objective will be to do something different, that gives a boost to the brand's image. We're not going to do a Twingo CC," Morel said.

Although Morel declined to disclose any more specific details on the car, media speculation has it that the Twingo-based convertible will be a two-seater model featuring a retractable central-piece rooftop similar in design to the one found in the Ferrari 575 M Superamerica.

Via: ANE (Sub. Req.) , Photo: Autotriti