Scooped: JDM 2010 Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon

If the overly secretive teaser image of the JDM 2010 Subaru Legacy that is scheduled to be officially revealed in the Land of the Rising Sun on May 20th wasn't enough for you, Japan's Car Mode magazine has a full blown photo of the Touring Wagon version in its latest issue. Stylistically, the differences between U.S market 2010 Subaru Legacy that was unveiled in New York and the JDM model are limited to minor details like the prolonged air intakes at the corners of the front bumper and the redesigned exterior mirrors.

The Legacy Touring Wagon that is featured in these scoop photos is in effect an Outback stripped out of its 'crossoverish' doodads and plastic add-ons for a more conventional look. If you happen to prefer the simplicity of the Touring Wagon over the Outback then tough luck because while the Estate is scheduled for a European launch, Subaru has no plans of bringing it to the States.

Pics via: Car Mode