VIDEO: Foolish Cop in Patrol Car Chases Running Suspect in Apartment Complex

Sometimes there are no words to describe the reckless actions of people whose job is to serve the law without breaking it themselves. Take for example Lance Cpl. Alexander Richardson, a South Carolina trooper (Phil, we're expecting a comment) that was caught on video bumping a running suspect with his patrol car inside an apartment complex (!) in April 2007.

We don't know what the man did, but we do know that the trooper's actions were dim-witted as they not only posed an unnecessary danger for the suspect but even more significantly, for any innocent bystanders that may have been in the complex - can you imagine what would have happened if a kid was playing around in the area?

And while you'd expect a harsher punishment for the trooper, according to the Associated Press, a federal judge on Tuesday approved a deal that requires Richardson to perform around 100 hours of community service. Sounds more like a baby slap to the hand if you ask us.