Audi Offers to Place an R8 V10 on Your Garage for Just $469.99

So, you're probably wondering by now whether or not we're pulling your leg, right? Well, if you read the title carefully, you'll have noticed that we said "on" and not "in" your garage. To explain. Being realistic and all, Audi is well aware of the fact that with a six-figure price tag, very few people in this world can afford to park a 535HP V10-powered R8 5.2 FSI in their garage.

With this in mind, the creative folks of Audi's Canadian division came up with the next best thing to owning the vehicle itself: a 1:1 scale, life-size print of red R8 V10 for your... garage door.

At first we thought it must be some sort of marketing / advertising gimmick, but Audi of Canada actually offers the special print for sale on its official website at a price of $469.99 CAD (about $430 US or €293 at today's exchange rates).

The R8 garage cover is available for three different garage door sizes but unfortunately for most of you that liked the idea, you'll be thwarted to know that it's only offered for Canadian residents.

Link: Audi Canada