2012 VW Golf VII Clay Model Shown on Official Promo Video, VW Quietly Deletes Scene!

Although Volkswagen's design studio would be your best bet to get a glimpse of a future model like the seventh-generation Golf, an official video would be the last place you'd expect to actually see it. But as we all know, gaffes happen all the time. Such is the case with the Golf VII as what appears to be a full-size clay mock-up of the compact hatchback was spotted on the promotional film for the Frankfurt Show L1 concept car.

The clay model, which we believe shows a possible design direction for the next Golf seemingly inspired by the firm's latest models such as the Scirocco (notice the more pointy nose-job and the more narrow headlamps), can be seen in the background at 4:41 minutes into the video.

We had stored the original promotional video of the L1 Concept on our computer during the Frankfurt Motorshow days, but just for the heck of it, we headed over to VW's official press site to download the specific video again.

But guess what; the scene with the clay model of what we and many others reckon is a design proposal for the VW Golf VII, has been chopped and cropped in this version! If anything else, that should count for something...