Would You Believe that this Skoda Octavia RS Photo has More than 3,400 Diggs in Less than 48 hours?

Sometimes we begin to wonder if there's any logic at what makes internet users 'click'. Take this photo for example. You'd think that it wouldn't be worth a second look, but believe it or not, this cropped picture of a red-colored Skoda Octavia RS Mk1 has received more than 3,400 votes on Digg (so far, that is) in less than 48 hours! And like most of you that are reading this post now, we too were curious to find out what makes this photo so special to draw the attention of so many internet users.

Well, to answer that question we headed over to the comment section of the specific Digg post. While some commentators "saw" a snake and others a... toilet seat at the rear bench, what really made internet users 'tick' in this case was the bear sticker on the window as it was linked to the so-called "Pedobear" which in turn is associated with pedophiles - swear to God, first time we ever heard about this.

Not surprisingly, to most folks that explanation sounds a lot better than let's say, the owner's kid simply put the sticker on the window...

But as one user on Digg wisely put it, "It's amazing how easily people are amused these days...". Nuff said.

Via: Digg , Photo: Imageshack