Tokyo '09: Mitsubishi i-MiEV Cargo, an All-Electric Breadvan for the not so Needy

Now that the i-MiEV hybrid has become a production reality, Mitsubishi is exploring other possibilities to expand the city car's range with the world premiere of the i-MiEV Cargo concept at next month's Tokyo motorshow. The pint-size breadvan with the does away with the hatchback model's rear doors while gaining additional cargo space at the back thanks to a newly designed and taller rear end.

The cube-shaped rear compartment measures 1,350 mm wide by 1,180 mm deep and 1,100 mm high and features a flat floor. According to Mitsubishi, it allows every inch of available space to be utilized - not that there's much to go around...

There are no changes to the drivetrain that consists of a 330-volt lithium-ion battery system located under the floor deck and an electric motor that drives the rear wheels and develops an output of 47kW or 64HP and 180Nm or 132.8-lbs/ft of torque.