Alfa Romeo Milano Test Mule Pulled Over by German Police

Here's a scene you don't see very often. An Alfa Romeo Milano prototype in full body cladding was stopped by police officers for what has been reported to be a simple routine check just outside the Nurburgring circuit in Germany. A nearby photographer was quick to snap the episode on film with the photos being published by 'Infomotori'. Some of you may recall a similar incident concerning a 2010 BMW 5-Series test car that occurred in May and was caught on film - if you don't remember, click here.

The new Alfa Romeo Milano, which will replace the 147 compact hatch in Alfa Romeo's lineup, was unceremoniously revealed earlier this year when an insider managed to photograph several examples of the Milano without a single trace of camouflage at the firm's Italian factory. You can see those pictures here and here.

Via: Infomotori