Swede Creates Amazing Batmobile Replica, Cost Over $1 Million and Took 20,000 Man-Hours to Build!

A diligent Swede with more money to spend than Bruce Wayne himself and more free time to spare than a death row inmate has reportedly invested around $1 million US (we've no idea how this number came up) and about 20,000 man-hours to create this amazing real-life replica of the Batmobile that was featured in the 1989 and 1992 Batman films directed by Tim Burton.

The matte black Batmobile is said to be based on a 1973 Lincoln Continental chassis and is equipped with numerous gadgets and features including rear-view video cameras, a plasma screen TV, voice recognition controls, a height-adjustable suspension, satellite navigation system and a DVD player.

To be completely honest, a million dollars even for a working replica sounds a wee too much. But if true, we reckon that the Joke(er) is on the Swede as original Batmobiles such as an example from the 1989 Batman Movie, the 1995 Batman Forever film and even the most sought after Batmobile from the 1960s TV series (click the respective links for details) have changed hands over the past few years for a fraction of that price...

Via: Jalopnik & Bilfeber