Tokyo '09: Subaru Exiga 2.0GT Turbo 7-Seater MPV Tuned by STI

There are very few things one can do to make Subaru's crossover-MPV-station wagon-thingamajig more pleasing to the eye. It's not that it's horrifically ugly or anything, it's just that it's boring to the point of being annoying... Even Subaru's highly praised STI department seems to have had a difficult job in making the seven-passenger Exiga look more interesting. Then again, STI's cosmetic enhancements on the 2.0 GT Turbo model appear to be limited to a front lip spoiler, side skirts, the new alloy wheels and exhaust tips.

The Japanese automaker's Spartan press release notes that that the STI-prepped Exiga 2.0 GT Turbo has also received some minor interior upgrades while the under the skin, the vehicle's chassis has been "fine-tuned" to further improve handling. The 'Exiga Tuned by STI' is scheduled to go on sale in Japan after the Tokyo Motor Show.