Back at it again: IND enters the Green Hell with 600HP BMW M3 Coupe

IND Distribution specializes in 'primo' BMW M3s like the Dakar Yellow E92, Silverstone II E93 drop-top, E92 Red Death, and the first-ever carbon-fiber-roofed E90 M3 sedan. Now they've gone and created a four-wheeled version of the Nürburgring. Yet again based on BMW's E92 M3 coupe, it's called the Green Hell.

The latest IND Portfolio car, Green Hell is meant to be a track monster that's fully street legal. This little devil's 4.0 liter heart is surgically enhanced with an ESS VT2-600 supercharger setup, chosen for its copious power, race-proven performance, and reliability.

At 6.5 psi, it creates 600-horsepower while breathing through a Challenge X-Pipe and one-off Eisenmann Inconel exhaust system. Seriously, Eisenmann is apparently only building ONE of these systems; that's it in the pictures (and if Inconel sounds familiar, that's because it's also used on the Pagani Zonda Cinque).

Keeping it controlled and level on those track days is a set of KW coilovers, a short shifter and toe adjustment arms from Rogue Engineering, and 365 mm stoppers from Brembo hidden behind those HRE Monoblocs (wrapped in Nitto rubbers and measuring 18x9.5 inches up front and 18x10 out back).

The entire car is done up in white-over-black with Porsche's Viper Green providing highlight duty, while Vorsteiner donated the front lip, rear diffuser, and what looks to be a new trunk lid. IND says, " ...we knew the color scheme of the car would challenge people's perceptions of what's possible on an E92 M3." Mission accomplished.

- By Phil Alex

Via: BMWblog