Malignant Rumors: TVR Wants to go Global, take on the Big Dogs

Simply put, historically-British baby-Russian-oligarch-owned TVR is planning a resurgence of the world-wide kind. Rumors are that the new TVR model, whatever it's going to be called, will be powered by an American engine and may even debut at this year's Goodwood festival of Speed.

As for those American power trains, anything GM and V8 comes to mind as most-likely in this day and age, although TVR has been known to source from Ford in the past.

Why American? No doubt the crate engines would end up saving the company a ton of dough in development costs and reliability issues (wasn't the Chevy small-block designed by Christ himself?).

Supposedly the goal is to have a sports car on the market for £70,000+, which would end up pitting it against the likes of 911s and R8s. Considering that TVRs have never exactly been the spitting image of reliability, it seems like this is going to be one major underdog (and no doubt more visually polarizing that either of VW's sports cars).

Either way, as a Russian-owned, British-branded, American-powered, and possibly German-built sports car (Pistonheads reports that parts are already on their way to the Fatherland), the next generation of TVR is bound to be an international sports car of epic proportions.

- By Phil Alex

Via: Pistonheads & TVRBlog