Ferrari 599 Hybrid Concept: First Photos Leak on the Web

We've been hearing a lot about Ferrari's Geneva-bound 599 Hybrid concept model for quite some time now, but the Italian supercar maker apparently can't keep it under wraps anymore as the first photos of the prototype model made it onto the web today.

Photos aside, we asked around and our sources gave us some inside information on the hybrid system featured on the 'green' 599 concept model.

The system comprises of an electric motor producing somewhere around 100 horsepower and 137Nm (110 lb-ft) of torque that is attached on the back-end of the rear-mounted transmission, and a battery pack located under the floor.

The extra power is said to compensate for the added weight which is said to be close to 100 kilos or about 220 pounds, making the 599 Hybrid faster than the stock model.

Last but not least, we were told that the hybrid system is still in its infancy stage and will most likely take a few years to be offered on a series production model.

It goes without saying that we'll have all the details on the concept car after its debut in Geneva next week.

Photos: CCS & Picassa