Cadillac Lets the Sport Drip Down Through the CTS Ranks with New Recaro Seats

Cadillac's CTS is looking to infuse a little more pep into its luxurious step with the addition of Recaro buckets that are inherited from its rip-roaring steroid-infused twin, the 556-horsepower CTS-V. To outfit the Performance or Premium-trimmed CTS with Recaros, customers will end up dropping $2,800.

For that money, however, Cadillac says the seats provide 14 ways of adjusting comfort, including back/thigh buffers, seat cushion extenders, and French-stitched leather, along with the basics: microsuede inserts and that heating and cooling so many people love.

The Recaro seats will be available on both standard and V'd coupes and sedans, with no mention of the Sport Wagon.

If Cadillac wants the CTS to compete globally, they're going to need to have a sport/performance package on the wagon also available with those Recaros.

Just because the idea of an all-wheel-drive CTS Sport Wagon outfitted with Recaros and a 6-speed-backed turbodiesel power train may not appeal to anyone but car aficionados Stateside, it doesn't mean that Cadillac has to deprive consumers from other markets of such vehicles. Standard of the World and all that.

- By Phil Alex